Beginner Yoga with Amy

Monday 530


This class is for those who have little to no yoga experience. We will break down the poses (asanas) and learn proper alignment to create more movement and range of motion in the body. Meditation, breathing and the other limbs of yoga will be incorporated. This session will be 10 classes. 

April 9-June 18 (no class May 21) 

$130 +GST

Restore and Relax with Amy 


Monday 7

In this class, the focus is to achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation with the use of props. Held for 5 minutes or more, restorative poses include light twists, backbends, and seated folds. Calm the mind, muscles and  nervous system to experience full body relaxation. This session will be 10 classes. 

April 9-June 18 (no class May 21)

$130  +GST

Yin/Yang Yoga with Amy 


Tuesday 630

Yin/Yang yoga is a class that starts with strong yang poses that create strength and stamina in the body and mind and finishes with yin poses to encouarge stretching and relaxation of your muscles, connective tissues and mind. This session will be 10 classes. 

April 10-June 19

$130 +GST

Family Yoga: Five & Under 


Thursday 9:30-10:30

Join Asha for an exciting morning class for parents to play with their young children. Moving through an interactive yoga class that helps build strength, stamina and flexibility. Individual and partner yoga poses are explored in a fun and playful environment using music, dance, stories and of course poses. Class is ended with time to relax and settle the mind and body. Other providers are encouraged and welcome to come play, such as grandmas, child providers and dads! This session is 6 classes and is for any children under the age of 5 (babies included!)

May 24-July 5 (no class May 31)

$78+GST (1 Parent and up to 2 children)

Baby and Me Yoga


Thursday 11:15-12:15

Come join Asha on your mat with babe! These classes will include safe yoga positions for postpartum terms for woman, specifically designed to work with the diastasic recti and pelvic floor muscles for woman, while releasing tension in the body. Come meet other new parents in the community while spending time with baby. No previous yoga experience required. Other providers are welcome and encouraged to come play, such as grandmas, child providers and dads! This session is 6 classes. 

Note: moms should not take up physical activity until they are approved by their doctor. However, if you are feeling and postpartum depression and just need somewhere to go please contact us to work out details. 

May 24-July 31 (no class May 31)


Prenatal Yoga with Asha


Thursday 6-7

Connect with your body, mind, breath and baby through a fun and interactive class. These classes are created for moms to be at any stage of pregnancy. We will work with body awareness, stretching, strengthening and relaxing through various yoga poses. No previous yoga experience required. This session will be 6 classes.

May 24-July 5 (no class May 31)


Learn to Meditate with Amy

Thursday 6 

In this 60 minute class, we will explore the science and philosophy of meditation while working to develop a solid home practice. Every week we will discuss new topics and forms of meditation, such as breathe, mantra and movement. The class will finish with a guided meditation to leave you feeling grounded, relaxed and inspired to start or deepen your home practice. All levels welcome. This session will be 5 weeks. 

April 12-May 10

$75 +GST